religious group protests video game

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Well sort of.

“The fake religious protesters passed out pamphlets and held up picket signs with messages such as ‘Hell is not a Video Game‘ and ‘Trade in Your PlayStation for a PrayStation.’”

Apparently Electronic Arts (the makers of Madden as well as many other video games) hired a viral marketing firm to promote their upcoming Dante’s Inferno video game.  To do this, the marketing firm hired a bunch of “protestors” and gave them Christian-sounding slogans.

The only thing that makes this a potentially successful viral marketing ad is that there are enough “religious” protesters out there chanting similarly stupid slogans.  I don’t believe the Kingdom advances through protests of video games.  The kingdom advances when local churches (and Christians) build into their communities.  When we become integral to the health and well being of a community, that’s when people’s hearts and minds are changed.

Trying to shock people into believing never works.  All it does is get you mocked.