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Today was spent watching The Nines.  A web-based conversation about the church.  Here are a few things I picked up from The Nines today.  Not all of these are earth shattering, but they are all good things to hear multiple times.

  • “A movement of God cannot be planned but must be prepared for.”  – Perry Noble I think this is true.  We can prepare for God.  But how would we plan for the crazy things he does on a regular basis.  How could we prepare for Moses who had no leadership experience.  How could we prepare for God to turn Paul into a leading evangelist?  We can only prepare to move when we need to.  We can’t force God to move when we want him to.
  • “We often equate large with legitimate” -  Skye Jethani Almost all of us fall into this trap.  When God is as big as he is, it’s easy to expect BIG miracles.  In fact, that’s what we see a lot of in the Bible.  Being big often means God is involved.  The danger is in thinking that large always equals God.  Or that small always means God isn’t.  Many of the Old Testament Prophets were lone voices crying out to Israel to repent.  They may have had a small impact, but they were still legitimate voices of God.
  • What burden would be lifted from our lives if we rooted our identity like Jesus (Jesus Identity rooted – that he was beloved Son of his Father.) Skye Jethani
  • “If our church went away, would the crime rate go back up?” – Jorge Acevedo I love this.  The Church should be a leader in all fields, science, advancement, healing, compassion.  If your church isn’t making a significant impact (however that looks for you) in your community, you’re not doing something right.
  • “What is the condition of your heart – above all else, guard your heartNancy Beach There is a definite theme in The Nines of leaders needing a break and to watch their lifestyle.  I know I have recently felt in over my head.  Even though I am doing amazing things for the Kingdom.  God won’t ask you to burn yourself out – so don’t ask that of yourself!
  • Stephen Furtick -  I don’t know anything about him other than what I heard on The Nines.  But I found him refreshingly hilarious.