grace – it’s what’s for dinner!

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There are days I think I know why God acts the way he does.  I tell myself “well this is why God asked me to do that.”  Some days I’m right.  These are usually the moments when God says, “you must act now to help this person.”  And so I write a check.  Listen to their story.  Or buy them lunch.  I can see how living out my faith makes a difference.

But there are other moments where God says, “ACT!” and I can’t figure out why.  It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in my life.  He asks us to be obedient and to do small things even when no one is looking, and I can’t help but wonder why.

At least until a few months ago.

At the time I was visiting a client for work and preparing for a meeting.  The meeting was going to be held in the only room large enough to house all the employees – the lunch room.  So while I was doing my thing, one of the employees walked into the room to have a snack.

It was just he and I.

He sat at a table on the opposite side of the room, and as he reached for his drink he stopped.  He bowed his head and said a prayer.  Something struck me in that moment.  For a long time I looked at grace as that awkward time before a meal when no one wants to make eye contact for fear of being asked to say it!  In my mind grace was something that was more ritual than necessity.  And I have a tenancy to balk at anything ritualized.

But watching this guy say grace, for no reason other than the fact that he was going to eat something, my opinion began to change.

In that moment I realized it can be something much more.  That something as simple as saying grace before drinking your pop can be used by God to touch others.  We never know who is watching us, and how God might plan on changing their lives.  That’s why it’s so important to live out a life of faith.  We never know who’s life we can touch simply by demonstrating our relationship with God.

So the next time you’re about to pass up an opportunity to live out your faith, don’t.  In fact I encourage you the next time you’re in a restruant to actually say grace.  You may change someone’s life.