swimming laps


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At the end of last week I wrote that I felt like I was in over my head.

Well no longer.

In fact, I actually feel like swimming some laps.  Metaphorically of course.  I actually hate to swim.  My swim style is more akin to a brick than a fish.  But back to the point at hand – since Friday I have spent two days reading the Bible.  And frankly I feel ready to tackle the world.  I knew that I had let my “spiritual disciplines” lapse because of my schedule.  I also knew that in the past, the more I read my Bible and prayed, the closer I felt to God, the more energy I had to handle new challenges.  But sometimes I don’t take my own advice.

So once again I had let those disciplines slip.  As I sat in my apartment, feeling a thousand-fold better, I started talking to God.  As I prayed I simply asked God, “could it really be that simple.”

And I believe he said, “yes.”

Sometimes our temptation is to make things complex.  We don’t want simple solutions, because simple means we lose our built in excuse of “it’s too hard.”  But when all it takes is a slight change to your schedule, it’s hard to find excuses.  Hard, not impossible of course.

There are some things about God that are complex.  Some things defy a simple answer.  I’m not trying to deny that.  But not everything is like that.  When we try to push mystery into things where there is none, all we end up doing is losing sight of the obvious.  We start turning God into something that he is not.

I don’t understand everything about God.  But I do understand this – if you love someone you make it easier for them to talk to you, not harder.  You go out of your way to call them, talk to them, e-mail them.  That is what God does.  He has given us an easy, simple, straight forward way to stay connected to him.

So why is it so hard?  Well I think if we’re honest with ourselves we need to ask another question first: Is he the problem?  Or are we?

I don’t always have the motivation, energy, or discipline to stay focused on reading the Bible.  But there is no question, if you want to stay connected to God, reading your Bible is key.

It really is that simple.