reader comment: trusting God when it seems impossible

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R3 has a lot of amazing readers who often share great insight.  Sometimes I like to post these comments if I think they add something extra to the conversation.  And so once again we have Christopher over at with something good to say on the post “trusting God when it seems impossible“:

I’ve probably said it before or in a similar manner but… it’s like each “day” of growing up with God is a progression of trust, boldness, confidence and certainty; qualities that He builds up in our hearts so that we can make the right choices (Christ, Paul & Timothy) vs opting for sinful choices such as those made by Asa, Saul (OT), or Judas. 

Keeping you in prayer that, though the road might be full of challenges and temptations to turn to your own ways, you would continue to trust in the LORD (Proverbs 3:5-6).

It is better to take refuge in the LORD
       than to trust in man.
It is better to take refuge in the LORD
       than to trust in princes.  (Psalm 118:8-9)

reader comment: what’s the point?

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Once again Christopher, from Got-Fruit? , has some insightful comments when asking what’s the point.  And yes, the title of this post is horribly misleading!


Reference: “And it’s only by remembering that can we ever hope to reshape the world, and bring light into darkness.”  Thank you!!!!  The part in bold is what seems to be missing from so many conversation about social change, changing the world, or what have you.  In all fairness though, maybe I’ve just overlooked it.

Without saying His name, that sentence reiterates in my mind (even before checking the link: bring light) that it is in fact Jesus that must be at the center of all we as Christians do, otherwise it’s as if we’re trying to do our will in the name of God, not God’s will in His own name.

In an odd and probably morbid sounding way to a non-believer, I see living as a Christian as kind of analogous to being a Kamikaze pilot.  Not meaning literally for anyone to test their faith by say jumping in front of traffic yelling “Halt in the name of the Lord!”, hoping that the driver of the Pepsi truck stops;  rather though, to assume a care-free attitude towards the things that the world constantly thrusts in our face as being important, or that needlessly draw our attention from the fact that God is in control and He’s got our back.  Mix in a little of Peter from Office Space with healthy doses of Biblical wisdom, faith, common sense and last but not least…reliance on God.

And since I have nothing to add to that, I say we watch a few scenes from Office Space!


reader comment: hope


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Christopher, of Got Fruit? fame, sends in this comment:

I most always view reference or mention of the word “hope” as synonymous with Jesus Christ; how He is the key to God’s plan for redeeming us through Him.

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1st Corinthians 13:13

It took me a long, long time to realize that.  I searched for all kinds of answers, never even guessing that God was part of the equation.  And so all of my searches proved, if you’ll pardon the pun, fruitless. 

Erwin McManus says that our souls crave God, and when we try to fill that craving with something other than God, we’re always disappointed.  The more we put into our lives that isn’t God, the emptier we feel. 

reader comment: will God forgive me?

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Reader Eduardo Flores sent in this comment:

“Douglas Kelly from Reformed Theological Seminary said, “The only thing we can offer God is Christ’s obedience“. When we meditate on that, we find the beauty of that statement. As Isaiah 64:6 says, all our rightgeous acts are like filthy rags  to God (NIV). The only thing that God sees in us (those who are united to Christ) is Christ’s obedience and love for the Father. That is the only reason we can come to Him.”

It’s easy to start thinking we can impress God.  As humans we try to impress people on a regular basis.  We get used to people responding positively towards us when we tell jokes or work extra hours.  We’re so used to it that we hardly even think about what we’re doing. 

But stop for a minute and consider God.  Do you really think he’s someone we can impress with our behavior or ceremonies?  Do you think God really has a musical preference?  Does he like knock-knock jokes?  Is he impressed when you work 70-hour weeks?  Those are just “things” and God is not a God of “things” he’s a God of relationships.  The bottom line is this: there is nothing we can do to impress someone who has existed for all time.  And even if there was, he’s seen it by now! 

The minute we start believing God is impressed by our methods, our music, our prayers, or our language is the moment we separate ourselves from God.  The more distance we have between us, the harder it is to establish that relationship.  By focusing on “doing” we are telling God that we are more important than he is.  And how could that ever be true?  In the end, the best we can hope to “do” is to love God.  And fortunately that’s what God asks of us.  He doesn’t ask us for fancy prayers, or elaborate ceremonies.  We don’t need a stand up routine or polished resume to get into Heaven.  He just wants us to love him in our hearts.  Because he knows if we do that our lives will never be the same. 

reader comment: loving your enemies

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A reader sent in this comment regarding the previous post:

“A few weeks ago I heard an interesting statistic about anger: our bodies allow us about 7 seconds to decide whether we’re going to get angry about something (i.e. a person cutting us off on the highway).  If we choose to get mad, our body releases chemicals that then linger in our bodies for 3-4 hours!  It seems to me, then, that anger is truly a choice, and rarely is it the appropriate choice, especially for situations involving mini-vans (my personal peeve) or Ohio drivers.”