living is more important than knowing

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The Bible is an action oriented book.  It’s all about doing.  God continually tries to teach people about who he is, and how the world works.  (It’s hard to live by action if you don’t know what direction you should head!)  Yet time and again the people God points to as “role models” are the people who take action, even without knowing all the details.

Consider the woman who gives all she has at the Temple.  Jesus tells his disciples that what she does is worth more than all the large donations of the people before her.  She doesn’t know that.  She doesn’t know that God values her donation more than a big one.  All she knows is that God is important to her, and that she wants to honor him, and if giving everything she is what it takes, even if that’s only a few cents, that’s

Or the Good Samaritan.  He was a man who didn’t believe in God.  He didn’t know why there was an injured man laying on the ground.  He just knew he should act.  That was in contrast with all the Jews and religious leaders who walked by, knowing that God cares for the injured and helpless.  The man who acted was the one who didn’t “know better.”

Perhaps the most powerful example was the criminal on the cross next to Jesus.  While everyone else mocked him, he refused.  Out of everyone involved in that day, he’s perhaps the only person who recognized Jesus for who he was – and acted on that belief.  And because of it, he was saved.

Knowledge to God isn’t about how much you know.  It’s not about getting an A+ on a theological test.  It’s about putting what you do know into action.  Each of these people took the little that they knew and applied it.  And in each case God’s Kingdom advanced, and they left their mark on the world.

Knowledge is important, but not at the cost of living out a life of faith.

image provided by flickr user dan taylor