agendas: God’s or yours?

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“We believe God has an agenda for you, but at Laity Lodge,
we don’t have an agenda for you.”
  – Laity Lodge

Sometimes it is difficult to separate God’s agenda from your own.  Or God’s agenda from someone else’s.  And this confusion can have dangerous consequences.  We’ve all been in situations where we instinctively feel that there is more going on than meets the eye.  It’s usually these moments that we feel like we’re dealing with a “used car salesman.”  Where you know that while everything looks legit on the surface, there is something lurking just out of sight. Such reactions make us naturally suspicious, and resistant to God

That’s why I find this quote to be so interesting.  It quickly summarizes the approach everyone should take in any ministry.  Including the times we’re talking about God to our friends. 

I am a contrarian by nature, that means my instincts tell me that as soon as a few people agree on something I should disagree.  If someone would have been pushing an agenda down my throat when I first started going back to church I would have rejected it.  Instead, God allowed me to come to my own decisions.   And he let me come to it at my own speed. 

Now I have no one to blame buy myself!

This is also the philosophy I have tried to adopt at R3.  I don’t want this website to burden people.  You can get guilt from enough places in your life.  Instead R3 should be a place that challenges you, but lets you make the decision.  After all, that’s what God does – he challenges us with a radical way of thought and then says, “you’ve seen the evidence, now decide.”