why I’m not excited about easter

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Just this morning I realized Sunday was Easter.  Oh sure on some level I knew Easter was coming up.   And I even knew it was Sunday.  But I didn’t really know.   Know in the sense that I actually was going to change my Sunday routine.

This isn’t because Easter is important.  It is.  Ask any Christian and he or she will tell you that the reason we celebrate Easter is because Jesus rose from the dead, thus defeating sin, death, Satan, and the need to eat your vegetables.

Okay, maybe Jesus had nothing to do with that last one.

For many Easter and Christmas are the two biggest days of the year.  They represent the re-birth and birth of Jesus.   They are exciting times if you are a Christian.  Yet I’m not excited.  But it’s not because I don’t believe in God.  It’s actually the exact opposite.

Because God is such an important part of my life, I tend to celebrate his birth and death on a daily basis.  For me Christmas and Easter come 365 days a year.  Fortunately the candy doesn’t or I’d have some issues.

One of the advantages to living out a life of faith is that you aren’t restricted by the calendar when you want to celebrate Jesus.  You can do that whenever.   You can reflect on the cost of his death.  You can be excited that God would humble himself and send us his son.  It doesn’t matter what day, because every day is a celebration.

And that’s why I’m not excited about easter.