prayer thursday: compared to others…

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Is there anything easier than comparing what you have with what other people have?  More importantly is there any faster way of making yourself depressed?  Psychologists have even built entire theories around these social comparisons. 

We often think that just because you believe in Jesus, it means your life gets easier.  Often that’s not the case.  And just because you believe, it doesn’t mean you are less likely to compare yourself to others.

jealous comparisons

Lord – Help me to stay focused on you.  Remind me that my job isn’t to judge, but to be faithful.  It’s not to be jealous, but be trusting.  Yet…it’s hard, and I often fail.  It’s so much easier for me to look around and see the lives people live, and the things people have than to trust you.  Help me to break that habit.  Help me to stay focused on you, even when my eyes want to wander away.  Help me to be excited about what I have, not jealous of what I don’t need. 

being jealous

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As we get ready to move into 2008, something occurs to me – we need to jealously protect our relationship with God.  The Bible often talks about how God is a “jealous” God.  That’s not because he’s insecure or needy.  But because God knows what’s best for us.  After all, he’s the one who designed us!

God knows that when we worship other things, other idols, we are moving in the wrong direction.  We’re moving towards a place that God never intended us to go.  That’s why he’s jealous – because he wants to keep us to live our lives to their fullest potential.

I think the same applies to us: we need to be jealous of our relationship with him.  Not because we are insecure (although we are) or needy (although we are that too), but because our bond with God can be so easily severed by sin.

That’s not to suggest God moves away from us, because he doesn’t.  In fact the opposite is true.  Sin moves us away from him.  And the further away we move the harder, and more painful, it can be to find our way back.  That’s the true nature of sin – it literally separates us from God.

So as you enter 2008 consider this: keep God close to your heart and don’t let anything separate you.