abortion, murder and sin

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Abortion.  Murder.  Greed.  Gossip.

As you read those think for a moment, which of them is worse?  Abortion?  Murder?  How do you decide?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days after seeing stories about the recent murder of an abortion doctor.  The killer has said that more violence will happen at abortion clinics.  His justification is that he’s defending a life, and so it’s okay to murder someone in defense of the unborn.  That he’s essentially doing God’s work.

The problem is, sin harms us as much as it harms others.

Which makes me wonder if God sees sins differently.  In his eyes, is murder worse than lying?  Is it the same?  Better?  In all honesty I don’t have an answer.  I’ve heard arguments on both sides, and I’m not sure I find any one of them overwhelmingly convincing.  The truth is God sees all sin as an abomination.

How could he not?

He’s perfect and every time we fall short of that perfection it’s an attack and an insult on him.  In the Old Testament what I see is a God who is most irate not at the violence and warfare of the time.  Not at the slavery.  Not at the mistreatment of women.  But at idolatry and not believing in him.

That fact is enough to drive people away from Christianity and God.

It strikes us that God is egotistical.  That he can’t handle people not worshiping him.  But I don’t think that’s the case.  I don’t see how someone who created the universe exactly needs us to feed his ego.  What could I possibly say or do for God that would impress him.  Somehow I think saying, “Hey God I shot a golf round of 95 this weekend, isn’t that awesome?” would not impress him very much.  What’s a 95 to someone who created the vastness of space?

God is so upset about idolatry because he knows if there is no relationship with him, there is no hope.  We become more corrupt, more violent, less loving the further away from God we become.  So when we worship money, people, things, other gods, it strikes at the very core of what makes us, well, us.  It moves us away from how we were designed to live.

That’s where this killer of abortion doctor’s is.  He’s violated the way he was designed to live.  And now he has harmed himself, others, and even hurt the “reputation” of God.

God is abhorred by sin.  But we don’t like that answer.  We don’t want to believe that “all wrongdoing is sin.”  We’re much more comfortable with a sliding scale where murder is a sin but greed isn’t.  Where abortion is a sin but gossiping isn’t.  We want a sliding scale because we want to feel better about ourselves.  We want a sliding scale so we can be free to judge others, and not be judged ourselves.