worshiping an idol

Category : faith

I struggle with football because I love it so much.  There are few things (maybe nothing) that I get more excited about than football.  I’m so passionate that I physically feel the anguish with the Steelers lose.  Which they did this weekend.  I’ve wondered if loving football is a sin.

And I think for me, at least, football is a sin.  Not because football itself is evil.  But because I worship football.  It’s my own personal idol.

That’s not something you hear a lot of people say.  But I realize that my emotions are too tied up in a game.  I live and die (thankfully just metaphorically!) by the Steelers.  And whether I mean to or not, I’ve come to believe that a great Steelers victory can make me happy.

It can’t.

Nothing can make you happy, truly happy, in this world apart from God.  That’s why I take solace in what Martin Luther once said about overcoming guilt.

“It all depends on this great and grand miracle, that I believe that God gave His Son for us. If I do not doubt this, then I am able to say in the midst of my trials: ‘I concede, devil, that I am a sinner burdened with the old Adam and subject to the wrath of God. But what do you, devil, say about this: God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that all who believe in Him might not perish but have eternal life? These words I believe!’”

–Martin Luther

God is the one who saves us.  Who gives us happiness.  Who makes us complete.  Football may be the greatest sport ever invented, but it pales in comparison to what God offers.