that was embarrassing

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Sometimes it’s difficult to follow God.

And yes, I realize that’s not a secret.  Anyone who has tried to live their lives with faith will admit that.  But that difficulty doesn’t always come with giving up possessions, loving your enemies, or helping those in trouble.  Sometimes the most difficult thing God can ask us to do is to be “real.”  

God doesn’t want us to have any pretense in our life.  Not with him, and not with each other.  And the only way to do that is to be vulnerable.  But that’s scary.  And it’s a bit radical.  OK, maybe it’s a lot radical!  It’s probably safe to say most of us go out of our way to hide our weakness, so this “vulnerable” thing sounds pretty intense.

But look at it this way, God is probably just asking you to share a little more of who you are with the people around you.  He’s probably just asking you to tear down some of those walls you’ve built up.  Y’know those walls that are preventing real and meaningful friendships.  Sure it’s scary, but it could be worse.  He could ask you to walk around with a yoke on your neck like he did with Jeremiah. 

Now that, would be embarrassing!

God had a plan for Jeremiah’s life.  And it was so radical, so different that the people around him thought he was a madman.  (Jeremiah 29:26)  That’s probably not God’s plan for your life.  So the next time you feel God calling you to show your weaknesses to other people and you feel embarrassed, just remember, he could ask you to wear a yoke!