reader comments: christian bumper stickers

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Every time I touch on the topic of driving I get emails from you guys.  Apparently this is something we can all relate to.  Or maybe we’re just all really, really good drivers on R3! 

So lets take a look at two interesting ideas:  

First up is Christopher from who says, “I sometimes wonder myself, how many of those folks sporting a sticker or badge on their cars (or wearing T-Shirts), is actually concerned with being Christ’s ambassador. Or are they more concerned with merely being in on the novelty (merely a group to belong to, or social activity to be active in) of Christianity? A novelty created in part I believe, when the message of “what God is going to do for you” is preached instead of preaching ‘what God has done for us.’

R3 was formed as a place to explore what it means to live out a life of faith.  And this is a great example of that idea.  Do we identify ourselves as Christians because we want to show someone God’s grace and to help people see that they have unsurpassed worth in God’s eyes?  Or do we do it because we want to make a statement for cultural, social, or political reasons? 

Another reader said, “Sometimes I think people who have bumper stickers like that [christian fish, etc...] feel entitled to driver poorly because they have ‘god on their side’ but maybe I’m wrong.

There’s a theme, I think, that runs through both of these comments.  And it can be summed up in one word: entitlement.  Is there a time that we Christians begin believing we are entitled to something?  Maybe it’s entitlement to a political or social statement.  Maybe it’s entitlement to protection from accidents. 

But I believe Christians should be the least entitled people on the planet.  Everything we receive comes from a gift of grace.  How can we ever feel entitled from that?  How can we ever act in a way that doesn’t reflect that grace and forgiveness back to people?

So what do you guys think?  What do bumper stickers really mean?  Is it an act of entitlement?  Or is it a statement of faith, meant to bring people into a relationship with Jesus?  Let me hear your comments in the thread.