making snow angels?

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I have to admit, I kind of wonder if the Devil does this…. because frankly  it looks like fun.


As you’ve probably figured out, I love good Christian humor.  And I think this qualifies.  I’m not sure it was intended to be good Christian humor, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to truly funny stuff about faith.  You can buy the snow devil t-shirt here.

singing silent monks

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By now you all realize I love good Christian humor.  Not the Ned Flanders type, but things that are actually funny.  So is it any wonder why I love this video?

What better way to kick off 2010 then with some silent monks who sing?

christian humor: billboards

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I love to laugh.  I especially love to laugh when Christians are being funny.  All too often our “humor” is pretty lame.  It’s nice to know that not all Christians are Ned Flanders clones.  While some people may consider this a clever marketing campaign, I consider it good Christian humor.  Way to go


christian humor: RockTV


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I’m feeling a little under the weather today.  And I’m really hoping that it’s not the [cue ominous music] dreaded H1N1.  So I thought something a little lighthearted would be in order.  Which is why I turned to my old standby of RockTV.  They are one of the few Christian comedic groups that’s actually funny.

So much of what passes for “Christian humor” just isn’t funny at all.  But RockTV is different.  They blend hilariousness (is that even a word?) with serious theological points.  Not everyone can be funny and right at the same time.  But RockTV pulls it off time and again.

As we head into the weekend, relax, enjoy your Friday evening, and laugh a little at the latest from RockTV.

church humor – church signs

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Religion can be a serious business. People have tough questions about their lives, their futures, and even their decisions. It’s no wonder that many churches are so solemn. But I think this is a shame. Humor is one of the ways God has made us unique. No other creature can tell a joke. Humor is a reflection of God’s own personality.

It’s unfortunate that Christians are seen as the ones holding everyone back. We should be on the cutting edge of science, literature and yes, humor. God has given us great freedom. Why don’t we take that freedom and make people laugh?

So on this warm summer day, are a few funny church signs.



If you have a favorite church sign, leave a comment and we’ll see about getting it featured on R3. We could all use a little more laughter in our day.

religious group protests video game

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Well sort of.

“The fake religious protesters passed out pamphlets and held up picket signs with messages such as ‘Hell is not a Video Game‘ and ‘Trade in Your PlayStation for a PrayStation.’”

Apparently Electronic Arts (the makers of Madden as well as many other video games) hired a viral marketing firm to promote their upcoming Dante’s Inferno video game.  To do this, the marketing firm hired a bunch of “protestors” and gave them Christian-sounding slogans.

The only thing that makes this a potentially successful viral marketing ad is that there are enough “religious” protesters out there chanting similarly stupid slogans.  I don’t believe the Kingdom advances through protests of video games.  The kingdom advances when local churches (and Christians) build into their communities.  When we become integral to the health and well being of a community, that’s when people’s hearts and minds are changed.

Trying to shock people into believing never works.  All it does is get you mocked.

christian humor – all dogs go to heaven

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I love to laugh.  I believe laughter and a sense of humor is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity.  So I am always looking for funny Christian humor.  Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot of it.  In fact, if you type in the phrase “Christian Humor” you’ll end up with a lot of bad knock knock jokes and “how many Christians does it take to screw in a light bulb?”  Personally I think that’s sad.

Maybe some day I will be motivated to create a website devoted to good (because it exists) Christian humor.  But until then we’ll just take a look at what other people are creating.  Even if it’s not exactly true.  Of course, we all know snopes is behind urban legends anyway.


the Jesus fish…


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What started as a way for early Christians to express their faith, has morphed into a ridiculous cultural battlefield.  The most popular counter-fish being the Darwin Fish (which, you have to admit, is pretty clever).  Of course there are hundreds of counter-fish.  Some are better than others.  Like this fish, which I saw in the parking lot at the gym.  Frankly, I think it made me hungry….

fish and chips

a time to laugh

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just like a good laugh.  And fortunately that’s where RockTV comes in.  I’ve talked about them before on R3 - and they still make me laugh.  So for an encore performance, kick back for a few minutes and just enjoy yourself.

(Starting at 2:10 it’s pure genius…  “I’m not a scientists so I don’t know what that means”)


what i’m watching: RockTV


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Things have been pretty serious around R3 the last few weeks.  But God isn’t just about seriousness and contemplation.  He’s also about enjoying life and having fun.  He is the one who created pleasure after all!

Which is why I decided to watch one of my favorite “documentaries” on a “so-called” church.  It’s 7 minutes long, but it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the internet.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy your weekend.