taking the weekend off

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About every 8 months I get together with a group of friends from college and we hang out for the weekend.  We spend significant portions of our time, well, wasting time.  And that’s the whole point! 

After much anticipation, the weekend of the event has officially arrived.  (I head out of town tomorrow). 

Usually when I go out of town I pre-write a few posts and then have them update onto R3.  But this time I decided to not do that.  Part of why I like to pre-write posts is so that content is going up for R3 readers.  But if I’m honest, I also post regularly because I am afraid of giving up control.  I’m afraid that while I’m not posting people will get bored and wander away.  That somehow God is dependent on my ability to update the website on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

As silly as this may sound, walking away for the next 4 days (starting Friday) is an act of faith.  I am trusting God with this site, and putting my faith into him instead of my own abilities.  This all comes about because I’ve been thinking about “the Sabbath” and “taking a day of rest.”  This is something I rarely do.  Oh sure I have lots of reasons why, but when you disagree with God, God should probably win!

So until I get back everyone have an awesome time and consider checking out these sites (and yes, none of them have anything to do with God, although I’m pretty sure he loves video games):

Dubious Quality – my favorite gaming website

Predator X – the most vicious sea monster ever

Seattle Time Lapse – I know I shouldn’t find this so amusing, but I do