People often ask me, “is your fantasy football team really that bad?”  To which I must reply, yes, they really are.  But if people don’t ask me that they often wonder why they can’t comment on  That’s a good question, and here is the answer: is designed to be a place for people to seek out God’s character.  God was a pretty revolutionary guy, and that can make some people uncomfortable.  Sometimes it takes well, some time, to let a new thought sink in.  The last thing I want is for a few hostile posters to discourage people from honestly exploring who God is.

Of course I would love to hear from anyone who wishes to comment.  So there are two ways to get your thoughts heard!

1.  Use the click comments button.  It may not get all of your thoughts but it’s a fun way to interact.

2.  e-mail me.  I’m always happy with receiving an e-mail.

It may not be a perfect solution, but for the time being it’s the best option.

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Greetings, Eric:

It’s been a long time. I didn’t post much for 3 years – was hanging out on FB and doing other things. Then I decided to post daily my devotions. What did I get myself into? I’ll be sure and come back here now once in a while… When I have time!


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