question of the day: are you a failure

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The world constantly tells us we are failures.  From commercials to “shock jocks” we’re told without their products, without their input, we can’t make it.  From rankings and ratings of every kind to the let-me-see-how-loud-I-can-shout-on-TV programs, we are told we don’t measure up.

We are told we need to do more.

Be more.

Achieve more.

But…if God loves you, can you be a failure?  If God loves you, and gave his one and only son for you, can you be without worth?

I say you can’t.  I say you have unsurpassing worth.  And so does God.

question of the day: talking about God

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“For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20)

I understand this.  There is something that is hard to ‘contain’ when you’ve truly encountered God.  I get giddy (yes, not very manly…) and excited when I talk about God.  It’s hard for me to stop.  In fact, anytime I can talk about him I want to!  But how do you know when to bring up God to other people, especially when they don’t believe?  Can’t you come across as overbearing and turn people away from what you have to say?  Where is that line between enthusiasm, and letting things “slide”?  How about you?  If you’re a Christian, how do you share your faith with others?  Or if you’re not a Christian, how do you feel when someone starts talking about God to you?