Is football a sin?

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I love football.  I get fired up on game day.  I’m never more emotional, excited, scared, and pumped up than during a Steelers game.  During each game, like millions of fans around the world, I feel the pain and thrill of loving an NFL team.

I’m lucky because I’m a Steelers fan.  Depending on the outcome of the game this weekend the Steelers may well be on their way to their 8th Super Bowl appearance (and hopefully 7th win!).  Not something many fans can enjoy.

But when I watch football there is a nagging question in the back of my mind.  It’s a question I don’t like.  It’s a question I’d rather not ask.  But deep down it’s a question I must ask: is football a sin?

I’m not talking about the violence or the cheating or the cheerleaders.  I’m not talking about the money or the fame or the trash talk.  What I’m talking about is my emotional involvement with football.

Why is it when the Steelers lose I’m in a bad mood for a week?  Why is it when I think back to previous seasons that ended in a playoff loss do I feel a pit in my stomach and hatred in my heart?  (I’m looking at you Neil O’Donnell.)

I think about this every time I watch football.

Why is it that I’m more fired up about football than my relationship with God?  Why do I block out 4 hours every Sunday for Steelers football, but not for church?  Why is it that I’m more excited by a last minute touchdown than the thought of feeding the hungry or curing the sick?

I’m not always like that.  In fact I’m involved in a lot of different things at my church.  Things I really care about.  Things I sacrifice for.  But none of those really come close to the thrill of a Steelers victory.

And I don’t think I like that anymore.

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