does the universe need God?

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The news last week was that Stephen Hawking now believes that you don’t need “a” god to create the universe.  Instead, it can be explained by physical forces such as gravity.  In his view, Big Bangs don’t need a “Big Banger” because gravity will cause universes to collapse and then explode.

The overall argument, as I understand it is that natural forces cause the universe to expand, collapse, and be created.  Because it’s all natural, you don’t need anyone starting the whole process.

I’m not a physicist or astronomer.  For all I know everything Hawking says is true.

But what I don’t get is this: where does the stuff come from so that gravity can work?  Where was the first particle of matter that decided, “Hey I’m going to create multiple universes today!”

Maybe they have an answer.  But I sure don’t see how saying “gravity makes universes” gets you away from asking “where the heck did gravity come from in the first place!”

photo provided by flickr user Jan Tik

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