the real way to recycle

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I’ve suddenly become concerned with energy conservation and CO2 emissions.  Why?  Because I’m buying a house and every bit of energy that escapes my house is money out of my pocket.  This sudden new found interest in energy efficiency, cost-cutting, and home improvement means I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to improve the energy use of my house.

As I’ve been doing research about this issue I have noticed one very common thread of advice: use less.

In other words if I want to save money on electricity I should turn off my AC or not watch TV.  Some sites suggest that I limit my showers to 4 minutes (yeah right).

Of course if I did all of these things, my utilities would certainly be lower.  There’s no arguing that.  But at what cost?

Compare that to the promises God makes.  He tells us that when we follow him we will be free, that we will gain life to the full, and that we will store up treasures in Heaven.  When we move towards God we always get something more.  Of course this doesn’t mean I end up with more money or a bigger house.  Following God comes at a cost.  But I can honestly say there has never been a moment in my relationship with God where I’ve felt short changed.  Every time I’ve given something up (even big things) I always feel like I come out ahead.  Whether this is through the changes God brings in my life, the freedom he provides, or the peace of mind he offers.  Those things far outweigh the money I give or the volunteering I sacrifice make sacrifices to do.

How many “deals” can you really say that about?

I don’t want to live my life “colder but with $12 extra this month.”  I want to live my life $3000 poorer, because I tithed, but my life has been changed.  To me, that’s the real way to recycle.

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