a world of lies


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I’m a news junkie.  Actually that’s not totally true.  I’m an information junkie.  I love to learn stuff, whether it’s about sports, science, history, or current events.  But there is a danger in all of this – some of what you learn is simply not true.

We live in a world of lies.

Now I’m not talking about some secret plan to control you through mass marketing or a political conspiracy.  Or even alien invasions (which, of course, is entirely true).  What I’m talking about is more fundamental.  More basic.

Right now the big news item is the Pig Flu or the H1N1 Virus as it’s more technically known.  Politicians are closing borders, stadiums are being shut down, people are heading to hospitals to see if they have the Swine Flu.  I have no idea if this is the next great pandemic or the next Y2K.

What I do know is that a lot of people are panicking.  And that panic is spread by the lies of this world.

There is money to be made in panic and fear (you hear the cliche’s about how “if it bleeds it leads”).  But I don’t think this is the root cause of why we are so afraid.  I think the reason we are so afraid, so willing to panic, is that we’ve bought into a lot of lies.  As I said earlier, these aren’t lies told to us in a well thought out master plan (there is no dark emperor sitting behind the throne).  These lies are the ones the world gives us.  The lies that tell us we aren’t good enough.  That we don’t have any worth.  That sex and drugs are the only ways to freedom.

Isn’t that why we are panicked by the collapse of the economy?  Because we believe that more stuff = happiness.  That a bigger wallet = success.  That my self-worth is defined by what I own.

These lies don’t lead to freedom – they lead to subjugation and surrender.

Jesus presented a radically different view of the world.  He exposed the lies.  And there are people who don’t like that.  Some of those people are even Christians.  Let me say that again.  Some of the people who are most responsible for the world’s lies are Christians.

God only loves you if you’re good.

You have to be perfect before God will talk to you.

The King James Version is the only true version of the Bible.

Jesus spoke of a thief who “comes only to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10).  It’s this thief that is stealing your freedom and planting lies in your life.  Not God.

Over the next week write down every time you hear a lie.  Don’t simply accept it – challenge it.  Ask God to show you the truth, and before long, you’ll start seeing all the ways the world lies to you.  Then ask yourself, who should I believe?  God?  Or the world?

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