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“He Dyd 4U”

Or at least that’s what the license plate in front of me said. 

Every day I seem to come across a car that has message like that.  Usually it’s a Christian bumper sticker or “Jesus fish” slapped on the back.  They declare that “Jesus loves you” or “put the CHRIST in Christmas” or some such thing. 

I don’t know what most people think when they see those bumper stickers, but I always have one thought: does the driver has any idea what message they’re sending?  And I don’t mean with the words on the bumper sticker.  I’m thinking of a more fundamental level.  When you mark yourself as a Christian you are declaring that you believe certain things. 

So what happens when your life doesn’t match your faith? 

In my case, the license plate may have read “He Dyd 4U.”  But it was the woman who was trying to force her way into traffic that I was focused on.  Her actions could have literally lead to my death.  And the death of a dozen other people.  Every time you don’t use your turn signal, or cut someone off, you are sending a message about Christians. 

And it’s not a good message.

You can say, “love your neighbor” all you want.  But when you carelessly endanger other drivers, well, that’s not really the way to live out your faith, is it?  How can people believe what you say about God when your faith doesn’t match your life? 

We think we live in a world where everyone knows who God is, but that’s just not true anymore.  In fact a growing number of people are growing up unChristian.  The message this woman sent with her driving was that “I may claim Jesus died for you, but all I care about is getting what I want, when I want, and that includes not waiting for a traffic light!”  In one quick move she confirmed for people that Christians are nothing but self-centered and selfish. 

We live in a world that’s already hostile enough to the Christian message, do we really need to encourage those stereotypes by our driving habits? 

If you’re living out a life of faith, every aspect of your life demonstrates that purpose – including your driving.  So if you’re going to sport bumper Christianity my advice is simple…

Don’t drive like a lunatic!

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