the good news

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Sometimes I think about how easy it should have been for the Israelites to follow God.  They had the benefit of all these miracles, and people like Moses and David.  Yet they could never get their act together.  They could never manage to follow the basic rules God laid out. 

To be honest, it frustrates me.  Especially because when I imagine myself in their shoes, it seems so easy to follow God.  ”He doesn’t need to tell me the same thing twice!” I tell myself.  “After all, how many times do you need to see a miracle to believe?!”

But it’s not that easy.

At least not when I start looking a little more closely at how I live my own life.  How many things have I started with the best intentions but they fell through in the end?  Anyone who has ever tried to stick to a diet can relate to this, I think.  Just because there are specific rules involved doesn’t mean it’s easier.  Just because we know we should do something, doesn’t mean we will.  Sometimes the chocolate cake just looks too good to pass up.

That’s what makes the “good news” of the gospel so amazing.  We no longer have to live under the law, because Jesus fulfilled that law.  We aren’t judged by how many rules we’ve broken, but by our relationship with God.  And there can’t be better news than that! 

The more I look at my own life, the more I realize I can’t do this on my own.  Especially since I can barely stay away from McDonald’s when I’m on a workout schedule.  How much harder when my soul’s fate rests on a law?


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