thinking of yourself first

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Some days I think I’m firmly following God.  But if I look closely at how I’m living my life, it’s apparent I’m not.  Usually it’s nothing major.  But it almost always means trouble is soon to follow.  I’m sure if I stopped to think about my actions, they would scream “Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!”  But I don’t.  I often don’t even realize I’m on that path until it’s too late.  Usually I don’t realize it until I’ve sacrificed closeness with God for some tangible, worldly thing.   And then I always say, “why? what was I thinking?”

I wonder if it ever occurred to Solomon that this was happening to him as he built his own palace.  You see, it took him 13 years to build a home for himself, but only 7 years to build one for God.  (1 Kings 6:38 – 7:1)

Despite all of his wisdom, I imagine that difference never occurred to Solomon.  But if he had paused to consider what that implied about his love for God verse his love for wealth, would he have ended up rejecting God in the last years of his life?

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