what is my ministry?

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If you’ve ever spent time in, or around, a church it won’t be too long before you hear about this thing called “ministry”.  A lot of times people understand that to be a formal ministry, such as working in a soup kitchen or going door-to-door talking about their faith. 

As a kid I thought the only two ways you could show your faith was by visiting nursing homes and hospitals.  To be honest those ideas really turned me off to Christianity.  Not because they aren’t worthwhile, but because they are so far outside of my skill sets that they are intimidating.  I’m just not an empathetic person.

This caused a great deal of guilt.  On the one hand Christians are called to go out and explain their beliefs to other people.  On the other, my skills and abilities weren’t very well suited for nursing homes and hospitals. 

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve realized that’s not what ministry is.  Ministry is living every aspect of your life through your faith.  Gregory Koukl has said “ministry [isn't] something you do. Ministry [is] something that you are.”  For some the natural extension of that is visiting nursing homes and hospitals.  But for others it’s simply hanging out with friends who don’t know Jesus.  For still others it is being available to listen to someone who needs an ear.  For me it is my writing.

What is it for you?

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