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Why is it that we hate feeling shame so much? Can’t shame serve as a reminder that we’ve done something we shouldn’t have? Isn’t that all the more reason we should pay attention ? When we get down to it, isn’t shame something that’s good? Of course I know I hate feeling shame because it means I’ve made a mistake. It means that I’ve done something I shouldn’t have – and more importantly, I know it! For me there is almost nothing worse than being wrong. Every time I make a mistake I’m one step closer to someone telling me I’m not necessary. That I’m no longer needed.

Because of that reaction, whenever I feel shame I go to great lengths to minimize that feeling. I’ll try to justify it, or ignore it, or argue about it. Just as long as I don’t have to deal with it. But by doing those things I give shame power over me. And as soon as we give something power over us, we are distancing ourselves from God.

There are many days where I put avoiding shame as my highest priority. Something even more important than God. How can I hear God call to me when my number one priority is to not feel shame (or embarrassment, or fear, or <insert your own emotion here>) The more I think about that, the more I realize how unhealthy that is.

While I’m sure I’ll never enjoy feeling shame, I need to find a better way to deal with those feelings. That’s why I want to look at why I feel shame and ask God to show me what I should learn. I want to give my shame to God so I can grow closer to him. I want God centered in my life, not my feelings of shame.

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